Let's Achieve Zero Waste.

We are a preferred choice among educational facilities, the foodservice industry, and other businesses that value specialized recycling bins and eco-friendly furnishings.

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Our Purpose

We are dedicated to promoting a healthy environment, helping to build a better world for generations to come.

Sustainability Info

Our Dedication

Each product is designed with a focus on longevity, value, and superior craftsmanship. From there, we use post-consumer or otherwise sustainable materials.

Our MethodsEasyCare™Rinowood™

Our Passion

We manufacture indoor/outdoor furnishings, recycling bins, and foodservice stations—providing solutions to businesses that value an eco-enriched presentation.

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Sustainability Info

Our Responsibility

Furnishings are only as environmentally-friendly as the company that builds them. These are just some of the things we do to make our company and manufacturing process more green.

LEED-Certified Material

Our EasyCare™ products are made of BPA-free ♴ HDPE recycled plastic. Using this material on your products may contribute to your LEED® goals under MR 4.1 and MR 4.2. Rinowood™ adheres to all FSC guidelines.

Reducing Paper

SFI Certified paper is used for shipping materials and office administration. Electronic media is used as much as possible instead of traditional marketing material. Additionally, our printed marketing materials derive from recycled sources.

Low Footprint

Reducing the workweek from five eight-hour days to four ten-hour days allows us to decrease the amount of energy consumed to run our plant and manufacture our goods. Our team also consumes less energy by traveling to our factory less often.

Buying Locally

We obtain over 75% of our raw materials within 150 miles (241 km) of our facility in Muskego, Wisconsin. Fewer emissions and less drilling means a healthier environment.


Sole-Sourcing all in-bound freight helps us reduce our carbon footprint for raw materials.

Closed Loop

As much as possible, any waste from the manufacturing process is collected from our vendors and reintroduced into the recycling stream to be reformulated into new material.

Commercial-Grade Construction

Engineered for Integrity

Whether placed indoors or outdoors, we manufacture our products on a strong foundation of longevity from the very beginning of each project. By maximizing the life of the material of our products, it makes them landfill-proof—which is what we strive for every day.

Functional Framework

Load-bearing framework is comprised of true-2x2 (2" x 2") legs with 2x4 (1½" x 3½"), 2x3 (1½" x 2½") or 2x2 (1½" x 1½") cross-frame solid lumber. The added thickness and weight make our bins more durable. Accent boards act as functioning cross-supports for the unit.

Rigidity-Enhanced Joinery

Our panel-to-framework joint connections are constructed using 100% dado slots. By using these methods, our products use the most efficient and useful joinery with aesthetic and longevity in mind.

Hidden Screws, Solid Results

Used in tandem with dado-slots, the hidden pocket screws grant the unit further longevity by literally sucking the panels to the framework. Securing the framework and paneling together makes the unit stronger and less likely to warp.

Tougher Hardware

Every screw, rivet, bolt, and fastener of any kind is made from 304 stainless steel, which means no rust stain drips or weakening of structural integrity from the outdoors—even from salt air or humid climates and other caustic chemicals. Our strategic placement of screws, hinges, and other hardware also prevents warping and holds the product's integrity.

High-Performance Structure

⅝" (1.59 cm) lumber material is used for panels, roofs, and floorboards. Full length top to bottom interior panels separate each consecutive bin or section. Each panel spans the entire height of the interior sections.

Door Reinforcement

Top and bottom panel reinforcements are in place to strengthen door panels. Doors take the most beating, hence the additional feature.

Series Options

Choosing Your Ideal Model

Stylistically-distinct, environment-appropriate models to furnish your desired areas.

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Emerald Series

Emerald Series

EC55LX-2 shown with options

The Emerald Series is the flagship of our product lineup, perfect for an outdoor setting that requires a unit to stand up to harsh elements.

Hunter Series

Hunter Series

EC32sH shown with options

The Hunter Series preceded the Emerald Series and was the first to display its thicker framework and stands up just as well to the outdoors as the Emerald Series.

Spruce Series

Spruce Series

EC32s-2 shown with options

The Spruce Series is the classic model where Landmark got its start. Solid, dependable and flawless—it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Brunswick Series

Brunswick Series

EC32sB-2 shown with options

The Brunswick Series is specifically designed for indoor use, maintaining a quality presentation with fewer materials to get the job done.

Viridian Series

Viridian Series

EC32-3 shown with options

The Viridian (Round) Series distributes multiple slats in a circular shape, which holds a lot of weight while creating a clean, minimalist presentation.

Add-On Options

Effective Accessorized Features

Branding and consistency are important. Utilize these personalized options to make the standard models of our furnishings and bins work for you and your program.


Symbols & Text

Specialized Roofs

Restrictive Openings

Header Displays

Foodservice Items

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Recycle Across America™ Labels

Standardized Labels

Landmark has partnered with Recycle Across America®, offering their standardized labeling system to help increase recycling capture rates and significantly reduce trash from entering recycling bins.

Increase Recycling Rates

Reduce Trash Hauling

Eliminate Confusion


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Customer Satisfaction

See what other clients have had to say about their experience with us!

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Palm Beach Zoo

"Expectations were exceeded when our questions were answered before we even thought of the them! We are already looking at other products from Landmark based on our experience and the quality of the product.

Having new receptacles made of environmentally-friendly, recycled materials and being able to display that message help us in inspiring our guests to recycle and take more steps towards becoming a zero waste facility. Not only are they great for the environment and our mission, but they are aesthetically pleasing and greatly improve the look and feel of our Zoo."

Melissa Scrima
Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society

Charleston Southern University

"I had been looking for a sturdy recycling and waste receptacles to replace the wooden ones around campus when I found Landmark Studio & Design. We were in the process of becoming a green university and their products fit the bill to perfection. The material from which Landmark uses to build their trash receptacles is highly durable, aesthetically-pleasing and most importantly - made from recycled material itself! Their environmentally-friendly solutions were thoughtfully created with durable construction concepts in mind and have flawlessly stood up to our harsh coastal weather elements.

Working with Landmark's team of project managers and creative design associates was a great experience. From the conceptual design process all the way through to delivery, they've made working together simple. Landmark exceeded my expectations by answering our technical questions with a great amount of detail and in a very timely manner. The communication and the customer service was outstanding and I am looking forward to continue to work with Landmark in the future as we continue to replace our receptacles and expand our recycling program."

Darren Clark, Grounds Supervisor
Charleston Southern University

Western Oregon University

"Sustainability is a core value for our department, and it was important to us to work with a company who shared this. We kept thinking, if we could design nice, clean-looking recycle stations, it could have a very positive impact on the way our students were using them. I contacted Landmark on a whim to start working on the project, having no budget or expectations.

It was a really great feeling to be working with a company so passionate about their work and design. Our recycling stations turned out even better than we imagined! It's one thing to see the design model and pictures, it's a whole other feeling to get to see them in front of you. We were truly pleased!

I remember wishing that I could see a product of theirs in front of me, to really get a feel for what they looked like, and if it was something we wanted to invest in. Now, having numerous custom-built recycle centers, I can say these products truly sell themselves."

Schuyler Asman, MS Ed.
Coordinator of Housing Operations & Conference Services
University Housing | Western Oregon University